Monday, 27 February 2012


How many feet have travelled this path

How many years have these stones been tumbled by the sea

Will these too end up....

Like the grains of sand before my feet

Friday, 24 February 2012

St Mary's Church Scarborough

St Mary's Church Scarborough is where Anne Bronte is buried and how apt her poem transcribed below

 In Memory of a Happy Day in February
 Blessed be Thou
for all the joy My soul has felt to-day!
 Oh, let its memory stay with me,
And never pass away!
 I was alone,
for those I loved Were far away from me;
The sun shone on the withered grass,
The wind blew fresh and free.
Was it the smile of early spring
That made my bosom glow?
 ‘Twas sweet;
 but neither sun nor wind
 Could cheer my spirit so.
Was it some feeling of delight
All vague and undefined?
No; ’twas a rapture deep and strong,
 Expanding in the mind.
 Was it a sanguine view of life,
 And all its transient bliss,
A hope of bright prosperity?
 Oh, no! it was not this.
 It was a glimpse of truth divine
Unto my spirit given,
 Illumined by a ray of light
That shone direct from heaven.
 I felt there was a God on high,
 By whom all things were made;
 I saw His wisdom and His power
 In all his works displayed.
 But most throughout the moral world,
 I saw his glory shine;
 I saw His wisdom infinite,
 His mercy all divine.
 Deep secrets of His providence,
 In darkness long concealed,
Unto the vision of my soul
Were graciously revealed.
But while I wondered and adored
 His Majesty divine,
I did not tremble at His power:
 I felt that God was mine;
Anne Bronte

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Who will be my Valentine?

Applications are now being received
You must have the following needs, desires and qualities
  • Can laugh in the face of adversity
  • have a wicked smile
  • have a beautiful smile
  • must smile daily
  • (in fact a range of smiles to suit all purposes is required)
  • plays board games not bored games
  • love music
  • charming and witty and of course intelligent
  • chooses words wisely and frequently
  • (overtime may be required on occasions for long evenings of debate)
  • be honest, open and truthful
  • share PJ and duvet days
  • collectively seek and find shells and pebbles of interest
  • admire the sunrise
  • celebrate the sunset
  • embrace life
  • have a dream conducive to mine
  • can pick the highest blackberries
  • enjoy shared cooking
  • come to the theatre with me 
  • view fine art
  • admire the magnitude and minutiae of this universe we share
  • remember to pluck that stray hair on my back
  • never remind me I'm due a waxing
  • hold me tight
  • hug me long
  • snuggle me safe
  • ravish and cherish me
  • tell me I am beautiful
  • have strong knees for the day you get down on one 
  • pick me flowers
  • sing to me
  • choose me first to be on your team
  • check I still like butter
  • be prepared to grow old gracefully and of course disgracefully with me
  • hold my hand
  • cherish my spirit
All applications to be received by Valentine's Day
PS Not for the faint hearted
PPS This job description may be added to by mutual consent

© Christine Rose Linacre February 7 2012

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Leading us home

When the world we know is upside down
And answers elude us
That's the time to dig deep within
To all that we know in our souls

Stride out and inhale
All that beauty which surrounds us
Weave yourself in the circle of love which you can so easily reach out to
Throw away the hurt and embrace your love for yourself
And exhale all that pain and become the magnificent you again
© Christine Rose Linacre February 5 2012